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Those, who are interested in applying for this card, are required to fill the form 002. This card is liable to be issued in case, the first one or previous is lost or damaged. Prior to applying for this card, the applicant has to lodge an FIR in the nearest police station situated in his/her locality. After filing of an FIR with the police, its copy is required to be submitted with the form 002.

A heavy penalty of about 25 INR is required to be produced to the office of local electoral registration by the concerned applicant. Several other documents needed apart from the photocopy of FIR in process of applying for this card are passport photocopy, ration card, driving license or PAN card. In addition to these, one is required to produce address proof like gas bill, electricity bill etc.

Hence, one should not feel discouraged on losing this card. An opportunity is given to get the duplicate one in case, one loses it. Therefore, an individual must avail the duplicate one for exercising his/her fundamental right. It is mandatory to exercise one’s franchise in democratic country for election of right candidate fearlessly.

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