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Registering for Election Card Online

As per the Constitution of India, voter cards must be issued under the jurisdiction of the ECI  or the Election Commision of India. Each and every state has delegates who serve the ECI. The officers at the Booth Level called the BLOs play an imperative role in conceiving the voter card. For any needed assistance, one can visit the ERO or Election Registration Officer for solving any pending problems like verification and electoral card distribution

For registration on the Internet, one should follow this procedure step-wise:

  • Go to the ECI website. Select that state form where you intend on registering your I-card. Students have the option to register from wherever they are residing then or  from where they are currently pursuing studies.
  • Sign up to get your login id and password by submitting credentials like your name, e-mail and contact no.
  • Log in once again to the site with the id and password. Now the Form 6 will be available to you.
  • Click on the download option. Fill the form and submit it.

Next Steps after Submission of Form

Some of  the websites of some election commission offices of state permit the uploading of passport sized photographs with your credentials, but many will be still required to physically go to the ERO office and submit photocopies of their credentials. One will be required to submit:

  • Age proof –birth certificate,PAN card,  ortheir school leaving certificate.
  • Address proof –electric bill,Bank statement,  , or bill of the apartment rent, phone billor declaration from the person’s college principal.
  • The BLOs  shall soon make a visit to your house to cross check the credentials submitted and those details filled in your Form 6. Post completion of the process of verification, the BLO will distribute the election card.

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